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Padarpan films & theatre institute gives you the best quality skills-based practical knowledge from here you can turn your dreams into reality
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Padarpan has been providing teaching in media and arts for the past 40 years. We offer 50+ professional courses in various fields of Cinema, Journalism and Mass Communication, Performing Arts, Acting, Dancing and Modeling, Still Photography, Advertising, PR and Events, and Fashion Design.

We present Padarpan films and theatre Institutes (PFTI). Padarpan is a thought which has the power to make your future star. If you have talent, then it’s your turn to show it. Padarpan is not just an acting school. It is a hub of everything, from acting to modelling, dance to yoga, grooming to personality development. Everything is under one roof.

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Trusted by 8800 Student

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PFTI is dedicated to working toward promoting a solid basis for the students to embark on their skilled journey. We feel selected and privileged to be associated with the highest institutions across all industries. We provide that the best media and corporate institutions/ businesses/organizations visit us and recruit our students.

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Padarpan Offers You The Best Courses In Which Acting, Dancing, Modeling, Film- Making And Direction, etc. Classes Are Available To You







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Now you can learn all Padarpan courses online, that too sitting at home Padarpan Films & Theater Institute has launched its online course, through which you can sit at home, Acting Dancing Modeling Journalism Course, Film Making, Film Direction, Digital Marketing Video Editing, etc. course sitting at home. can learn easily and you can make your dreams come true. Our expert teachers will guide you online through their experience and teach you practically online so that you can hone your skills to be strong, attractive,, and successful in your career

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Our Alumni And Placement

Are you interested in becoming a future star? Is acting, modeling, or theatre acting your passion? Is being on a stage and performing for an audience your dream? You have to think seriously about moving further in the right direction. The first question in discussions is, why do you want to become an actor? Have you enrolled, passed, or looked for acting and modeling schools in India? Do you have what the ad films industry is looking for? Before moving forward, the very first thing is to find the answer to “why.” Once you have the answer, your confidence and the ability to carry on will increase tenfold. As you move in this direction, you will realize that it is not an easy path to walk on. You will face challenges, disappointments as well as competition. However, once you are confident about the “why you are here” answer, moving forward will be hassle and struggle-free. The best acting institute in Delhi suggests that the best way to remain confident about your dreams without being let down or knocked down is to remember a few reasons in your mind.

  • Why did you choose an acting or theatre Course in the very first place?
  • Will you be okay with quitting your career?
  • Are you ready to look for different options?
  • Is leaving a dream so much easy for you?

Once you find the reasons for all these questions when you are feeling low or sad, then from now on will be a bit easier. Lots of successful actors still claim to feel the doubts in their minds about their careers. However, by just analyzing the above points, their minds get clearer and move forward with more enthusiasm. Most successful actors or even other professionals have few things in common which take them to the heights of success. Here are some common traits shared by the best acting schools in Delhi that you may find in yourself and can even develop to effortlessly move on the right path. Most successful actors or even other professionals have few things in common which take them to the heights of success. Here are some common traits shared by the best acting schools in Delhi that you may find in yourself and can even develop to effortlessly move on the right path

  • Acting is their passion and reality:  Being here for passion will keep your wish to work alive all the time. However, if your idea is to earn fortune and fame, the road is too short to travel.
  • Determination & strength is the key: The determination to keep moving is the essential trait that every successful professional in this industry possesses. The idea of facing rejection after rejection is not so okay with everyone. Those who brushed it off and moved forward stepped up the ladder with high speed.
  • Patience is a must: One cannot achieve success in the instant they make an effort. As the saying says, the most beautiful and robust trees grow once in a lifetime. Patience can open several doors for you.
  • Being confident: You might have heard confidence can prove the wrong thing right. Confidence brings the ability to perform in any circumstance and situation. As the experts from the acting Course in Delhi say, “If you want us to believe in you, it’s you who has to believe in yourself first.”
  • Being positive or optimistic: Rather than thinking about the negatives, try to stay focused on the positives of the situation. Stay motivated and stop worrying about problems. Your positive attitude towards the situation will clear up your path toward success a little more.
  • Connect with people: Nope, not talking about professionally, instead of on a behavioral basis. Don’t be tough to work with. Loads of actors said that they got one or the other role not because they were the right fit but rather because they were easy to work with. Hence be the life of the set, not the “problem.”
  • Health and Appearance: Whatever you think, you will agree that this industry does appreciate looks. Hence keeping your body healthy and appearance perfect is a daily and most important task. Be the best mentally, physically, and in terms of health.

Be ready to follow: Not asking you to become a follower. However, following instructions at the time of audition, learning, or on the sets will bring better success results. It shows that you are a professional and take your work seriously.