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3 Month Acting Diploma Certificate Course

3 Month Acting Diploma Certificate Courses Offered At Padarpan Films And Theater Institute Acting Academy 

3 Month Acting Diploma Certificate Course

The 3 Months certificate course offered at Padarpan Films and Theater Institute Acting Academy is more like a part-time acting course offering basic as well as professional awareness and techniques necessary to excel. The course focuses on imparting in-depth knowledge of all fundamentals rules of film making & Pre & Post Production.  It is a comprehensive module designed by expertly trained film directors, in such a way that, it includes not only acting sessions but also some key personality development courses. Acting is more of an art than a simple study schedule. Therefore, theory, as well as practical coupled with theatrical experience, is needed for an individual aspiring to become a professional in the field. The course aims to equip students in managing a film/T.V program with creative aspects and directing the entire cast and crew in the fulfillment of the vision.  This certificate Acting Course Regular & Saturday &Sunday and only Sunday’s training sessions can be a choice for those willing to improve in acting but couldn’t attend regularly due to professional limitations. The course will be including both basic and higher training modules covering diverse acting techniques

  1. Acting Techniques: Explore different acting methodologies and approaches, such as Stanislavski, Meisner, and Method acting. Develop your ability to connect with emotions, portray authentic characters, and understand the nuances of script analysis.

  2. Voice and Speech: Learn vocal exercises, breathing techniques, and vocal projection to improve your diction, articulation, and overall vocal presence on stage or in front of the camera.

  3. Movement and Body Language: Enhance your physicality as an actor through exercises in body awareness, posture, gesture, and movement. Discover how to use your body effectively to express emotions and create dynamic performances.

  4. Scene Study: Engage in scene work with fellow actors, applying the techniques and skills you’ve learned. Analyze scripts, explore character development, and collaborate to create compelling performances.

  5. Improvisation: Develop your spontaneity, creativity, and adaptability through improvisational exercises. Improve your ability to think on your feet, listen attentively, and make bold choices as an actor.

  6. Audition Techniques: Gain insights into the audition process and learn strategies to prepare for auditions effectively. Discover how to choose and perform monologues that showcase your strengths and captivate casting directors.

  7. Industry Insights: Get practical advice on navigating the acting industry, including tips on building a professional portfolio, networking, and understanding the business aspects of acting.

Acting & Presentation (Regular)

Production Direction & Camera Lighting Techniques

Fashion & Modeling

Benefits 100 % Placements Or Money Back

  • TV Program {1 to 2 Tv Program}
  • Shot Movie {1 to 5 }
  • Ad / TVC {1 to 5 }
  • Tele Film {1 to 5 }
  • Media Profile All Program 
  • Video Show Real (Profile)
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  • Acting Port- Folio
  • Course Certification
  • Experience Certificates
  • Artist Card
  • Audition Support Certificates
Best acting institute in delhi

Course Structure

  • Course Duration: 3 Months  
  • Days: 90  Days
  • Total Hours: 900
  • Course Schedule: Weekends & Regular
  • Class Duration: Every Day 9 Am to 7 Pm


Monday to Sunday: Regular
Saturday & Sunday: Weekends

Acting & Presentation (Part Time Course) Certificate Acting Course 3 Months

Duration: 3 Months -(12 Weeks), 36 Sessions,

  • Monday  Wednesday
  • Friday Or   Tuesday
  • Thursday & Saturday
  •   Saturday & Sunday
Timings: Batch’s
  • 09.00 Am to 12.00 Pm
  • 12.00 Pm to 03.00 Pm
  • 03.00 Pm to 06.00 Pm
  • 07.00 Pm to 09.00 Pm

Benefits with Placements During the Course…

Students can build their confidence and get success in their field. After successful completion of the course, the students will be provided with a certificate from the acting institute and Audition support so that our students shine like stars.

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For all Course
  • Method of Films Acting
  • Understanding acting as an actor in theater or films
  • Verbal and non-verbal communications
  • Exercises of body and mind
  • Use of body as a tool
  • Body movements Training
  • Body language Training
  • Expression of face and eyes
  • Voice Exercises – Voice culture
  • Speech clarity
  • How to correct Diction
  • Level of Voice and How to use it in acting         
  • Bollywood Dance Training
  • Films and theater Memory exercises Training
  • Stage acting and anchoring Training
  • How to deliver realistically in a synthetic
  • Development of a sense of urgency
  • Theater techniques with stage presentations Training
  • Film & Television Techniques
  • Developing a sense of music & rhythm
  • Understanding of time and pace criterion
  • Use of Teleprompter in news anchoring and acting
  • Industry-standard Production exercises. (Opportunity to develop your skill in the use of media technology—exploring technical equipment, media processes, and the aesthetic qualities of the media)
  • Various schools of acting (Acting Methods)
  • Artificial environment of a set (Practical Set training)
  • Costumes Dress design Training
  • Dialog Dubbing Practical Training
  • How to use Lightning Training
  • How to act and react according to Sound Training
  • Understanding emotion and emotional memory
  • What is Theater
  • How to Handle Acting problem problem
  • How to Handle Action problem
  • Acting for the camera
  • Movement for camera
  • Camera facing technique
  • How to handle camera fear
  • How to presentable in front of a camera
  • Art of auditioning or Presenting yourself in front of a camera
  • Mime and pantomime
  • Developing microphone-fitting voice
  • Voice Modulations and variations for theater and films
  • Characterization – Getting into a character and playing a role
  • How to use Improvisation Training
  • Difference between theater acting & film acting
  • Developing memory
  • Understanding of the technological interface in cinema
  • Developing concentration power
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