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Learn Modelling, Essential Performance Techniques & Styles with Padarpan Institute  Modelling Course. Get certified by PFTI and launch your career in the Modelling Industry

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Modeling classes in delhi

The Padarpan Films And Theater Institute was set up in 2007 and Got UGC Accredited University Degrees. PFTI programs give your career the perfect boost to achieve your full potential. PFTI, the most highly developed Institute of its kind, provides practical training to the students in modeling Courses, Acting, and BJMS  from day one with its highly qualified and experienced core and guest faculty. There is a vast potential for creative talent in India

Modelling Course in Delhi

Curriculum Summary

Padarpan offers top fashion modelling course training to become the next top Best model.

The part-time 3-month course for fashion modelling course at PFTI Institute concentrates on preparing the complex details of this glamorous career. During the session, future models are taken through important modelling classes and topics such as a modelling rampmodelling acting, hairstyling, personal makeup approach, grooming, dining etiquettes, posing for the camera, etc.

Modelling Courses Subject

Padarpan gives you the best quality education that too with 100% Satisfaction

Live Online VIDEO Classes

Engaging Virtual Video Lessons to Visualize Concepts and Polish Skills

Photo Shoot Profile

We will create a photo shoot profile of you in which all your photos will be related to modeling

Media Profile

Media Profile we will promote you in Newspaper and News Channel All Media

Experienced Certificate

You will get experience certificate through which you can give audition anywhere

Audtion Support After Courses Life Long

We Will Give You Lifetime Audition Support

Artist Card

An artist card is a gateway to Bollywood film industry. In Chennai, and also places like Mumbai the heart of Bollywood, this is a mandatory thing

Career options in fashion modelling

Career options in fashion modelling course. Advancement in advertising has resolved it to an upsurge of Glamorous career options in fashion modelling courses. This is one of the most attractive and desirable career options for most youngsters. They cannot earn a reasonable sum of money but can link up with the shining Glamor world since modelling is also considered an entry gate to the film industry. So the competition even in this career zone is very high. Both males and females are beautiful with this career move and compete high to enter and earn Fame and money in the modelling industry when it comes to qualifying for modelling. The good thing is that there is no definite course or degree that one has to secure to be a model. But the most challenging fact is that one needs to possess great physical attributes. So foremost step toward this career zone is to prepare a portfolio. The portfolio consists of professionally clicked photographs that can be directly presented to advertising firms, fashion modelling agencies, or fashion designers.

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Supporting Subheading

Course Projects

Project 1

Will be able to face camera

Project 2

Will be able to give various poses for camera

Project 3

Will be presentable as a model in terms of language, looks and confidence

Project 4

Will take part in fashion shows as model

Project 5

Will be able to acquire print ads, TV commercials etc.

Understanding the significance of fitness and learning to develop a fit and proportionate body.

  1. Learning to face a live audience and behave like a professional.
  2. Training in basic makeup and hairdressing techniques, hygiene, and grooming to be presentable.
  3. Understanding the practical aspects of ramp, TV, and print media modeling.
  4. Learning the elements of fashion styling as per different looks and occasions.
  5. Learning about the proper postures and how to pose and stand with aplomb.
  6. Understanding the importance of photography in modeling.

Program Faculty

We are the Program Faculty, who have achieved this position by doing their hard work, they are already models, and they also teach people, have excellent experience in modeling, have given a lot of time to morning, and have also been successful.

Mr. Deepak Bhardwaj

Founder & President

Ashwani Chauhan

Acting Teacher


fashion modeling course


Artist PUBLIC FIGURE Fitness model

Nitish who is a student of Padarpan, today is a model and Earn Good Money

Kajal Yadav


Kajal Yadav is a model-actor who is growing a lot on YouTube and also makes short movies.

Surbhi Palaria


Surbhi Palaria is a model-actor and currently working on the MX Player web series.

Aditi Negi


Aditi Negi is an actor-dancer and modeler who in today’s time makes short movies through YouTube on platforms like Short Movie MX Player.

fashion modeling course

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Most frequent questions and answers

Fashion Modeling course are usually one month, three months, and six months. This course gives information about makeup, hair care, personality development, and fitness. Along with this, tips are also given about communication skills, body language, and photoshoot portfolio making. Fees ranging from 50,000 to ₹ 2 lakh are fees in many institutions for modeling courses. The bigger and more famous the institution is, its fees will also be. If you are interested in making a career in modeling, then paying particular attention to some extraordinary things is essential apart from better looks and slim physique. Like the proper diet, be aware of maintaining your beauty. Bring confidence in yourself with your gestures. It would be best if you were equipped with soft skills. At the same time, acting should also come, which is most important. Presenting the Portfolio Correctly Yes, send your actual and attractive photos in the portfolio. Do not send two or more pictures of a single shoot at all. Images should always be black and white, and the image size should be nine by two standard light sizes. Heart, short, body, fast action shot, and catalog shot can be sent in the portfolio. Then talk about where you should mail your portfolio

Talking about job opportunities, there are a plethora of options in modeling. Hard work is the most prominent feature of this profession. Your age can be a big hurdle in your modeling career. Therefore, there are other good options for models like fashion designing, photography, TV, anchoring, and acting in the future in this field. TV plane, video,

Advertisement, fashion showrooms, live websites, calendars, catalogs, print shows, high-end modelsproduct promotion, the corporate sector, and modeling agency, you can get employment as a coordinator or open your agency. And talk about salary, there is no concept like a job in modeling. In this episode, assignment-based work is done, but on modeling a small product, new models earn up to ₹ 5,000 a day. As your name and status increase, you can get 20,000 to ₹ 50,000 for the same assignment.

Suppose we talk about preparing to become a model, then in the modeling world. In that case, special attention is paid to the partner’s look. Body length matters a lot in this field. Also, it is imperative to have a slim and shapely body. The height of female models is five feet seven inches to six feet, weight 54 to 60 kg, and age should be between 16 to 22 years. At the same time, the height of men should be from five feet nine inches to six feet two inches. Weight should be 60 to 75 kg, and age should be 18 to 25 years. If you are also rich in curvy body, better looks, and the right length, then modeling can prove to be a better career for you

today’s time modeling is very much craze and many people want to become models because they are glamorous and attractive. Anyway, modeling has become a launching part for those trying their career in Bollywood. Now it is dominated by female models. Nevertheless, the dominance of female models has been challenged by male models in recent years. Models are most needed in garment and beauty products, but there is also a lot of demand in TV modelling, commercial modelling, ramp modelling, glamor modeling. Modeling means not only doing catwalk on ramp but also doing a lot of things in the field of modeling. You have a good figure. The face is photogenic as well as confidence and you have been irresistible to glamor from the beginning. You can also earn fame by choosing modeling as a career, but the path to becoming a model is not so easy. There is already a very long line of beautiful boys and girls here. If you have decided that you have to become a model, then you can become a successful model through Padarpan films and theater institute

There is a strong market available for the models. These models display themselves in front of people by wearing a variety of products or by associating themselves with a product. Usually companies serve their products in the market through these models only. They feel that the more attractive and bigger the model, the more its product will sell.

  1.  Television Modeling In this you have to model in front of a movie camera, which is used in TV commercials Movies Videos Internet
  2. Print Modeling  print modeling. In this, still photographers take pictures of models, which are used in newspaper brochures, magazines, catalogs, calendars etc.
  3. Showroom Modeling  Showroom models typically display fashion while working for exporters, garment manufacturers, and large retailers.
  4. Ramp Modeling. ramp modeling. In this, the models have to show a glimpse of modern fashion while walking on the ramp. It can also be a matter of exhibition fashion show or any showroom. It is very important for the van model to have good standing, walking style and good body language.

Talking about the major institutes, JD Institute of Fashion Designing, Mumbai, National Institute of Fashion Design, Chandigarh, RK Bansal, Media Academy, New Delhi Padarpan Films And Theater Institute , Karol Bagh Delhi Talking about Kotak Institute, the models who have gained experience definitely give grooming training to the new models. For this, models go to their homes and take training. Some well-known portfolio makers also work to teach them the nuances of modeling, but there is nothing like a coaching institute yet. Perhaps in the future, the practice of coaching institutes like modeling agencies and institutes may start

Another way to approach modeling as a career is to apply for different kinds of contests sponsored by Government Industries magazine, cosmetic companies, and more. Various companies in this field hold even beauty pages. Youngsters can send an application to such contests, and if they are selected, this can be an excellent kickstart for their career.

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